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Company B's Coin Chart

Exchange size market and commission income

Reference material Commission of each exchange

BF fee

Bit coin transaction fee

Trading volume of the most recent 30 days Bitcoin simple exchange
Less than 100,000 yen 0.15%
From 100,000 yen to less than 200,000 yen 0.14%
From 200,000 yen to less than 500,000 yen 0.13%
From 500,000 yen to less than 1 million yen 0.12%
From 1 million yen to less than 2 million yen 0.11%
2 million yen ~ under 5 million yen 0.10%

Alto coin trading fee

Lightning spot (ETH / BTC) 0.20%
Lightning stocks(BCH/BTC)
Etharium Distribution Center Free * during campaign
Light coin sales office
Bitcoin Cash Distribution Center
Monacoin Sales Office
Risk sales office

Other fee list

Bit coin shipping fee 0.0005BTC

B company fee

Transaction fee

50% discount on BNB payment of transaction fee

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Discount rate 50% 25% 12.50% 6.75% 0%

If B company's fee is set to BNB payment, transaction fee will be 50% OFF for one year from registration.

Withdrawal fee

currency Fee Minimum number of withdrawals
BTC 0.0005BTC 0.0020BTC
ETH 0.0100ETH 0.0020ETH
BCH 0.0010BCH 0.0020BCH
XRP 0.2500XRP 22XRP